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I'm one of the huge fan following & viewers of 'Kitni Mohabbat Hai'.This is a serial which is aired on an Indian channel of entertainment,NDTV imagine.

The recent news say that the channel is suddenly going to end the serial.Its surely hurting so many people! Its really not fair to the loyal fans of this serial.

We want this serial to go on & we want to see a proper end at its time,not a sudden end!Kindly,take an action for this, This is unbearable for the fans that regularly watch the serial and adore it!

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NDTV imagine has no respect for their viewers not only that they do not even reply to thier viewers comment.

They should cancel their face book and other web account and fire their public realtion team


This channel has duped the viewers.It made us watch a flashback for 9 months, and now that the flashback is over, they are cancelling the show???

This is when the real fun starts.

NDTV just has no clue about its viewers.


:( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( Imagine go for some tirth yatra urgently because I can see the end of your channel from 26th Sept onwards.let me see how long can u rely on Rakhi Nautanki Sawant.Your channel is nothing without loyal viewers like you r loosing them all if u end KMH.carry on with your baba-baby show with Rakhi madam.lets see how it works. 8)


yes i agree. no kmh means no ndtv for me


totally agree with u guys.kitni mohabbat hai is d only show i watch on ndtv, its others shows are usless.they can't end kmh to start another useless show!

ndtv is a careless and irresponsible channel!hate u ndtv!


i too agree with u.we luv KMH.

but NDTVImagine is being so insensitive towards us and our emotions and being unfair to such a wonderful show. they didnt even care to respond to our queries about KMH ending or not but also lied to us not once but twice that the show will not end. we viewers must be their first priority but they never take us into account. it is the most pathetic channel to say the list, not giving us what we wnat but playing with our emotions.

Please take action against this if u can.

Please do not let KMH end so is totally unfair to the show and us viewers.


NDTV Imagine is one of the worst when it comes to taking user feedback and giving out proper response.What the *** do they think of themselves.First their spokesperson comes and tells Kitni Mohabbat hai(KMH) is not going off air and then all of a sudden we see their baby show coming at the same time from 28th sept onwards.How on earth they can think of succeeding if they cheat their loyal viewers in this manner.If KMH ends then Imagine is definitely going to rot in *** by losing more than 6000 loyal viewers of their channel..well thats what the current petition against imagine says..


100% Kitani means no ndtv. I love watching Kitani Mohabbat Hai and above all the show has a huge fam following. Please look into this and get us some answer's.


even i agree with u.u all r doing the right thing go KMH no NDTV...We hate uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu NDTV......:(


Its high time now channel should realize that its we the viewers will decide what we want to watch not the channel.

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